How To Use Aunu M50's

There is a variety of functions you can do with the Aunu earphones, all without having to use your smartphone device.
If your earphones get dirty from daily use, simply take a soft, damp cloth and wipe them down. Never use harsh cleaning solutions, as this will damage your earphones.
Yes, you can use either only the Left or the Right earbud. If you want to use only the Left earphone, remove the Left earphone and keep the Right earphone in the case. If you want to use only the Right earphone, remove the Right earphone and keep the left earphone in the case.

Aunu M50 earbuds are water resistant for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter (about 3 feet) with an IPX7 rating. Keep in mind Bluetooth signals may not transmit under water, so there may be connection issues if you use Aunu for swimming for similar activities. 

If Aunu earphones are dropped in water, they will float to the surface. If the sound is not clear after water submersion, pat earphones dry with a towel and allow to air dry. Resume usage as normal after drying.

We recommend keeping your Aunu earphones and your device within 30 feet of each other, with no obstructions between them.

Making them fit your ear a little more snug then what you might be used to can accomplish another beneficial goal as well, helping “block” outside noise. This can be accomplished by gently ‘twisting’ the buds in reverse but doing it slowly.

To resume your music, simply tap once on the Touch Panel Area of the headphone you wish to resume music on.
To skip to the next song, tap the Touch Panel Area twice on the Right earphone while playing music. To return to a previous track, tap the Touch Panel area twice on the Left earphone while playing music.

We always recommend you store your Aunu earphones in their charging case. Never expose the earbuds and charging case to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Never use harsh cleaning solutions on your earphones, simply wipe down with a damp cloth if dirty.

Once placed in the charging case, it takes 1.5 hours for the Aunu wireless earphones to fully charge from zero battery. The case itself takes 2.5 hours to fully charge from zero battery.
Yes, you can activate Google Now or Siri by pressing and holding the Touch Panel Area of either the left or right earphone for 2 seconds. Google Now/Siri will now be activated and you can use voice commands.
If for any reason your Left and Right earphones no longer pair, you can factory reset your Aunu earphones.

Step 1: Start with both earphones turned off. To turn off earphones, press and hold the Touch Panel Area of the Left earphone for 5 seconds or more until the earphone turns off (the red indicator light will blink red), then repeat with the Right earphone.

Step 2: Press and hold the Touch Panel Area of the Left earphone for 5 seconds until you enter Pairing Mode and see the LED indicator on the earbud flash red and blue. Once the earbud is flashing red and blue, tap the touch panel 5 times, then the earphone will shut off. Place the earphone back into the charging base and repeat the process with the Right earbud.
Step 3: Remove the Left earphone from the case, then the Right earphone. When the LED indicator on the Right earbud stops flashing and starts to slow blink (approximately once every 10 seconds), your Aunu M50 earphones are reset. Return them to the case and they will be ready to pair with a new device the next time they are removed from the case.
There are two ways to turn off your earphones:
Option 1 – With Case: Removing the earphones from the charging case automatically powers them on. Putting the earphones back in the charging case will power the earphones off.
Option 2 – Without Case: Touch and hold the main Touch Panel Area of either earbud for 5 seconds to turn off. To turn back on, press and hold the Touch Panel Area for 3 seconds.
If you picked up your Right earbud first, it will only play music from the Right earbud. If you pick up the Right earbud then followed by the Left earbud, the Left earbud will play, and the Right earbud will be disabled. Activate the Right earbud by putting the Right earbud into the case and back out while the Left remains connected. Stereo sound should play automatically. 
When answering calls with your smartphone, the audio is automatically prioritized to your phone’s speaker. To route the audio to your Aunu earphones, answer calls by tapping once on either the Touch Panel Area of the left or right earbud. Or, if you have already answered a call with your smartphone, use your smartphone to select your Aunu earphones as the audio source.
To answer or hang up a phone call, simply tap the Touch Panel Area of the left or earphone once.
To reject an incoming call, tap and hold the Touch Panel area on either earphone for 1 second.